Faucets and Fixtures:

Syosset Plumbing Services has been providing quality services to Faucets and fixture business to the customers in USA and surrounds many cities for many years. Drawing on our own in-house skills, we can help you design your own unique bathroom or kitchen. We can also accompany you to the supplier and help you choose your new bath, shower, worktops, tiles, handles, doors etc. 
We have access to a bespoke kitchen designer and a professional cabinet maker to enable us to help you get the design and detail of your new bathroom or kitchen just right. We can advise upon the installation of state of the art items such as self closing drawers, island units, granite or the ultra modern and less porous siltstone worktops, modern under-mounted sinks, carousels, tall dispenser units etc.
Our main target is to deliver high quality refurbishment and home improvement services, bathroom fitters or kitchen fitters to residential and commercial customers within the USA.